Spain: Moors and Christians, Olives and Wine
Tracing the Cultural and Agricultural Roots of the Southwest (Offered Exclusively to Members)

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September 2019

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September 9 - 22, 2019

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In the Southwest we use the adjective "Spanish" frequently and loosely. Indeed, many elements of our culture originate in Spain. But, the 16th -18th century Christian Spain that colonized the Americas was the sum total of its previous occupants - Arabs, Jews, Visigoths and Romans. Join us in an exploration of the cathedrals, markets, orchards, towns, ancient castles and sunny beaches with an eye for the influencing factors of these peoples. Tour a rural winery during the grape harvest season, sample tapas and wines, learn to prepare paella, sit in the same cathedral where Ferdinand and Isabella received Columbus upon his return from the New World, and see the Holy Grail. Destinations include Barcelona, Valencia, Toledo, Madrid, as well as two small towns. An optional four-day Granada extension will be offered to tour the Alhambra, Andalusia's palace of “lace-in-stone”. This trip is very personalized with a maximum group size of 20.

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